Flappy Bird Bad For You? Essay

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Is Flappy Bird A Bad Game
There’s no denying that Flappy Bird was a huge success, being one of the most popular mobile app ever created. But even with Dong Nguyen (developer) earning on average $50,000 per day, he has shocked fans by removing it permanently from the app store because it was ‘’harmful’’. Flappy bird is a pretty simple game where the player has to guide a bird through a set of green pipes, but it is notorious for its difficulty and addictiveness.
There are many negative perspectives about this game, especially with the graphics. Players feel that Flappy Bird is everything but original. With the pixel graphics and green pipes, reviews say that “Everything in that game is stolen by Super Mario’’ and “It is poorly made seeing as it uses Nintendo assets rather than its own’’. Another complaint and the source of hate for this game is its addictiveness. This simple game play with only one button gives a deceiving appearance of an easy game. But as the difficulty increases as you go on, it gives you a feeling that it is possible to master this, feeding into an addictive personality. An example of this from a comment from a player ‘’Because it looks so simple and easy that I feel that I can beat anyone, after a few game plays, its becomes a big challenge, my challenge, my addiction, my goal’’. Players become very absorbed with the game and irritated when they lose, they need to retry over and over again. The addictiveness has resulted in Nguyen deleting the game tweeting ‘’I can’t take this anymore’’ and ‘It happened to become an addictive product, I think it has become a problem, to solve that problem, its best to take down Flappy Bird’’.
Although there are bad reviews there are also positive perspectives about this game, Flappy Bird is addicting but it challenges people and points are completely based on