Flat World Essay

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Chelsea Benesch
Mathews, Fran
Flat World Assignment
Do you think the world is flat?
I do believe that the world is not flat, because if the world was flat then we would be able to see forever, when looking off into the distance. I have thought about this question all weekend, it was not easy to decide that no it was not flat, because when you put yourself into some of the scenarios it would seem as though it was flat. Such as, being on a plane, all you see when you fly is the flatness of the water you fly over or the fields and homes you fly over, when you think of this then you would think that it would be flat because that is all you see. You don’t see if the land is moving to a point where it could be rounded point, which seems as though it makes no sense. This is really hard because even as I am thinking about it right now I think of things that could not be possible it if was flat, like the north and south poles, where would they be placed if it was flat? Then you think that if one wants to go around the world then you have to end somewhere because it would not keep going, you would hit something, or you would fall of the face of the earth.
Another reason I say that it is not flat is because the solar system is all balls when you make them in elementary schools. There are people who take years and years to get out in space an then when they do they get out in space they can see all the other planets as they pass them in the space shuttle, they have