Flaws of the Death Penalty Essay examples

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Flaws of the Death Penalty Imagine being blind in the darkness with a bag over your head, strapped down like an animal, feeling regret in your gut about to lose your life. The Capital Punishment also known as the death penalty is legal in many states in America. The death penalty is bad because it is negative to our society. The death penalty is bad because it is impacting our economy. The death penalty is bad because it does not deter murder. Our society isn't so great at the time and the death penalty is only making it worse. It is setting the example to our future generations that it is okay to kill a person. Sometimes that can go wrong by the wrong convict being executed> Troy Davis was said to have killed a police officer and was sentenced to death. Two of the witnesses came forward and admitted they were lying in their testimony but that didn't stop the execution. Do you really wanna live in a society where its okay to kill innocent people? The economy is worsening and the death penalty isn't helping it. To keep a convict in prison for life is less expensive then to execute him. Why waste our hard earned money on killing someone who had killed someone else? Ghandi once said "An eye for an eye makes the world blind" We could spend this money to help improve our schools with low come or homelessness, something that'll improve our society not destroy it. The death penalty is bad because it doesn't even deter murder. Even though people know that they can be