Essay on Flaws of the Movie of Lord of the Flies

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Flaws of the Dramatization of Lord of the Flies

Almost every successful book has a movie to follow. This is because producers can’t wait to adapt the book into a motion picture. They see the vision that the author was trying to portray and use the novel for the big screen. However, many movies based off of books aren't as strong as the novel. This is because the original message and character traits that the author developed can be blurred due to the glamorization of Hollywood films. The restriction of time in a motion film versus a novel has a drastic change on the storyline in its entirety. Hidden messages that are meant for the reader to find the true meanings to can be lost. Also, small individualizing traits of all the characters that help there structure of the novel come together cannot be developed as well in a movie.

Out of the two movies created to resemble the novel of Lord of the Flies, the 1963 film portrays the best resemblance of William Golding’s narrative. It sticks to the dialogue of the book as closely as a film can. In some scenes, it is word for word from what the story reads. Because they didn't have access to as many special effects as the newer film, they were more reliant on the actors and the script of the film. In addition, most of the actors in the film were inexperienced with little film background. This aspect created a realness to the story. In the novel, readers can easily establish how Piggy feels and that he is treated as an outcast, however, the film restricts the audience's understanding of Piggy's emotions. Other characters, such as Simon and Roger, are so different in the movie that they may confuse the audience because the movie fails to distinguish their role. Simon is failed to be seen as a godlike figure and Roger’s murderous nature is hidden in the movie.

The storyline of the 1990 film added unnecessary additions to the film which are not found in the novel or the British film. The inclusion of the glow stick is not found in the novel, yet is added to the film. Also, there is never any mention of the captain or any adults surviving the plane crash in the novel. The producer of the film added the rescue of the captain of the plane. The film refers to him multiple times as they are trying to save him and turn him into the reason that Simon was killed as he runs back to the group to inform them of his discovery. In this scene, the use of a glow stick is once again brought back to the film. One of the biggest flaws of the 1990 movies is when the boys…