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Emtrax-Server Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary
II. General Company Descriptions
III. Products and Services
IV. Marketing Plan
V. Operational Plan
VI. Information Systems and Networking Technology
VII. Management and Organization
VIII. Startup Expenses and Capitalization
IX. Financial Plan


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“Ensuring your employment and management costs are justified with Emtrax-Server”

I. Executive Summary
Emtrax-Server is a downloadable software that will monitor mobile employees and in office employees during company hours from anywhere in the world. Emtrax-Server provides Time Tracking / Automatic payroll and attendance features that will log the hours of the employees through a web form database. With this software it will also monitor employee idleness, activity, history during company hours. One of the greatest features of this software is the fact that it will show online status of all employees at any given time with accessibility to conference calls through webcams at ease. One of the main problems with mobile employees is that they struggle to collaborate as a group, but with our software it will make that extremely easy to do. Our software will have individual company specific applications that will automatically generate reports on the status for management.
There are several types of customers that fall within our demographic for organizations with mobile employees: Any organization with a sales force, a call center or with global operations. The distinguishing factor between these customers lies in the department where the budget expense will be deducted. The sample marketing plan also addresses the CIO that desires to keep company expenses low, while providing as many innovative resources to its employees as possible. CIOs seek solutions that will help their business run efficiently, while retaining their employees and customers. Emtrax-Server intends to promote products and services to this demographic. The future is very bright for Emtrax-Server as more and more businesses today have the capable technology of allowing in home/ mobile workers. With Emtrax-Server many of the short comings of mobile employees are eliminated with our use of quick access conference calls. Our software will encourage collaboration while ensuring employers that there employment costs are being justified with our monitoring systems. Based upon our calculations our loan asking amount is at 2,100,000$. With amount we can cover our startup costs, rent/utilities, licenses and permits, wages, marketing costs and all other operational costs.

II. General Company Description

Emtrax-Server is in the Software industry business. Emtrax-Server will provide many companies the assurance they need there employee expenses are being put to use.
Mission Statement:
The Emtrax-Server Software is to ensure world class mobile or in office employee Supervision software with performance and improved productivity exceeding all expectations.
Company Goals and Objectives:
Our main goal with Emtrax-Server is to be a successful software monitoring company providing the best quality customer service and product on the market. Our objective is to reach above 10 Million dollars in yearly revenue for consecutive years to come.
Business Philosophy:
Emtrax-Server embraces Professionalism and seeking Excellence in every single aspect of our business.
The Software Industry
Emtrax-Server Software competes in the Software Industry that is currently a growth industry as technology is ever expanding. This industry is always making progression in technology and ideas and we foresee many changes occurring in the future that we will like to be the first to implement them. Our company will strive to be one of the most innovative company’s in the market.