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Brad John and John Sencion, co-founders of Flight 001, came up with the concept to have a one stop shop, for all your travel needs. Unlike stores that you normally see, where the products they sell for travel tend to vary and be sort of scattered around, this idea was different, in that there would be a store with the focal point being everything you need to travel in comfort. From guides, cosmetics, bags, hygiene, toiletries, to passport covers, and smaller economic friendly designed carry-ons.
The target market for Flight 001 initially was people who were just like the co-founders themselves, constantly on the move, and virtually globetrotters, who needed to not have to run around town trying to gather up every little thing that they need for their next venture. The market, has spread, to anyone who is traveling, anywhere in the world, at really any point in time. I think, it makes sort of a, means of a stress-free beginning of anyone’s trip.
Careful marketing plays an eminent role in Flight 001. The business hasn’t ever done traditional paid advertisement, as they feel it is important to their brand, they keep the sense of a small boutique. Partnerships with Northwest Airlines, Mini Cooper, Song Airlines, etc. have made it possible for them to advertise, without paying anything at all. The people who are most likely to purchase the products in their industry, are the people who they are reaching out to, and that maintains the business 10-years and counting.
Companies that I could see partnering with Flight 001, would include businesses like Southwest Airlines. Southwest is a popular airline, they offers exclusive flight discounts, and point systems, that encourage the travelers to choose them as their concierge. They could add Flight 001 to their point systems, offering a dollar per point type of deal, giving members even more of an enticing reason to purchase products from Flight 001.
Also maybe, companies…