Flight Of The Sw A Literary Analysis

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A distinctive grace of skills and movement offered unlimited muscle flexibility with demonstrating a dancer’s resolve. The moment a dancer showed their inner self was through feelings of anger, seductiveness, sadness, naughty, cute, and happiness. A story was developed that shared the mysterious honor in their hearts. Have you ever felt like dancing when the lights are out and turn up the music volume to feel an electric shock going through your veins and arteries that makes the body move to the beat? The feeling of love towards your desired passion never fades away and Madame along with Masha would do anything to chase their dreams to illustrate who they are in the world on the inside and outside. In Flight of the Swan, Ferré stated, “I knew what it was like to be like a feather in the wind, or, as Madame once put it, like flotsam at the mercy of the waves” (254). Madame’s superego was …show more content…
The Id showed Madame’s idiosyncratic behavior and was driven by principle pleasures. Her psychic energy was her determination to succeed in life with failure considered to be unacceptable. Consequently, Madame and Masha demonstrated to the readers that falling in love can have drastic consequences in their dreams and it was very important to not lose focus of what they want in life. Was it possible to have real love and follow their career that was most important in their souls? Ballet was a clandestine attribute that expressed every part of the human spirit in a profound way. According to Ferré, “She transformed herself into a flame, writhing and burning before us” (250). Fulfilling their wishes appeased an uncomfortable possibility in Masha and Madame’s visual image of necessities. Nevertheless, Madame and Masha’s feelings of motivation was their ultimate intention that illustrated an inspiration in the pulse of pure