Essay on Floating: Love and Woman Miscarriage

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“Floating” Karen Brennan takes us into the narrator’s bizarre world of misfortunes, the story starts off very strange the narrator is levitating and she finds a mysterious crying baby at the back of her house. She doesn’t want to tell her husband about the baby that she recently discovered so she decides to hide the baby in her drawer and keep it as a secret. The narrator then tells a secondary story about a lady meeting the devil in the flesh and she ends up falling in love with him even though she was terrified of him. Then the story switches back over to the narrator telling us about her personal life and her levitating miracle. “Floating” is a very strange short story that uses symbolism to define the real meaning of the story. The narrator seems to be hallucinating about everything because people can’t levitate and also how could a baby survive in the cold outside alone this story is very odd because she also mentions the devil and a lady falling in love with him multiple times throughout the story. The story “Floating” uses symbolism to describe a woman’s miscarriage and how it has an affect on her overall sanity because she thinks she can levitate in the air and she also keep a secret baby from her husband. Her husband is very distant towards her he often rejects her “My husband was in the living room, I said look what I can do I floated up... my husband shook his head... he wasn’t shocked.” (3), he often shows rejection towards her because he’s truly hurt about…