Flocus 2 Career Reflection

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After doing the FOCUS 2 career reflection, some of the career results surprised me. Some of the career options that were listed were criminal justice professor, an economics professor, and an engineering professor.When looking at the interest profiles for these three professions, it shows that I exceeded the interest levels in three categories which are the social, conventional, and enterprising categories.Although these occupations aren't bad occupations, they just aren't consistent with my career goals and I think they will be a poor fit for me.
Doing the FOCUS 2 career reflection, it has also shown me my academic strengths and weaknesses, the career fields that are a better fit for me than others, and has also shown me my values and skills. It has taught me that I need improvement in some things such as creativity, negotiating, sociability, and public speaking. However it has also taught me that I can exceed at many things such as, commitment, disciple, flexibility, organization, honesty and respect, leadership, listening, and motivation.
The jobs results that are consistent with my academic strengths, values, and skills are professors, therapist, and counselors. Although these are good career choices they are not consistent with any of the career choices I have picked for myself.
The career choice I have picked for myself is to become a radiologist. Becoming a radiologist has always been a passion of mine since I was in middle school. The specific job duties of a Radiologist is to examine the internal body structures and functions of organ systems and make diagnoses after getting all the information from X-ray findings and laboratory tests.
After searching through all
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However with the good advantages of becoming a radiologist there are a few disadvantages. For example, the amount of time it takes to become a radiologist could take you at least 12 years. Also the cost of