Flooding in Guildford Essay example

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Data Presentation and Analysis
This is a presentation of the data that I and my peers collected whilst in Guildford. I will present the data in a range of different graphics and then describe and explain it in the best way I can. I will talk about the key findings, also referring back to my key questions and the bigger picture of Guildford and flooding.

This is the floodplain in Guildford before and after the flooding round this Christmas. The water during a flood can fill up into the floodplain where houses and infrastructure is limited. This means there is limited damage. As you can see this is an effective method as it takes a large volume of the water from the river. There are advantages and disadvantages of using soft engineering methods. This year the floodplain was not enough to prevent the flood water from reaching people’s homes shops and businesses. On Christmas Eve the town centre was evacuated and one of the busiest shopping days was lost. On the other hand wild life in the floodplain benefit.

Bar Chart: see page 5
The bar chart shows that the majority of people in Guildford 66% out of 85 asked are unsure on the level of protection offered to the town and its residents. Despite this the people who did have an opinion felt that there is only slight protection offered. I have found out that awareness and security in Guildford needs to be raised. In five years the council should be able to take this survey and find the trend is that