Florenceville Club Case Study

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The scorecard above displays the strategy that the Florenceville Curling Club should implement in order to increase the club’s profits and membership. In order for the club to improve its finances, it should offer promotions to new club members by offering a discount on multiple new memberships. The club can also offer more stock options to allow for more investors and increase the funds for the club. By hosting tournaments for the teams in the area, the club can charge spectators a fee to increase profits. The club should also hire a manager to take care of events for the club and bartend, which will open up more time for the board to focus on internal operations of the club. The financial objectives can be monitored by evaluating stock prices and determining the profit or loss from offering promotions and tournament tickets. To improve customer outreach and satisfaction, the club should begin by conducting a survey among current and former club members to determine what the public likes and dislikes about the club. This …show more content…
By hiring a manager and employees, the club can allow them to focus more on events and laborious tasks that the volunteers will not want to take on. Volunteers will be able to come and help out with events by taking on less intense tasks. The board of directors will allow for multiple people to take on operational tasks of the club and differing opinions about how the club should be run. This will avoid one person running the club how they see fit and changing each time a new president is elected. Finally, by investing in a computer program, the club can keep track of each member and see where money is being spent and profited to reflect back on in future years. This can help determine what increases and decreases profits for the