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Abstract The changes technology has on industry and society is a very profound and sometimes frustrating bridge to the next step. When taking a look at the growing trends in technology, and how they influence business decisions in costs, and how competition has an effect on jobs, people’s perception of their self-worth and contribution to their careers also must adjust. The people of society are the biggest hurdle technology must clear. When one explores how the standards have changed, the advantages and disadvantages are more than what meets the eye.
Keywords: Trends, Information Systems, Change
Foundations of Management of Information Systems
A fluid understanding of technology is a must in today's professional environment. A successful company doesn't have much choice, but to adhere to the paradigm set, and to try its best to keep up with the inevitable advances and changes.
Radical Changes Technology Brings Across Industry and Society
• People have easier access to information by use of the internet
• Technology gives the opportunity to contact people/businesses from around the world.
• It has caused communication to be less intimate and personal because texts and email have replace phone calls and written letters
• It has cause a rise in obesity because physical action is less necessary.
• It has produced a more “every man for himself” state of mind that excludes those not privy to systems and its advances.
• Technology is an integral asset to our survival, due to the infrastructure of stock markets, finances, global news, and the bigger corporations.
• Technological advances in the medical field allows more direct diagnosis, treatments, medicines, and the prolongment of life as a whole.
• Internet allows information exchange instantaneous between researchers. Scholars and others.

Future Trends in Information Systems1
• Mobile devices have become the fastest and most efficient way for marketing opportunities for growing businesses.
• All applications will be simplified to support