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Kiersten Krumrie
Mr. Randy Gordon
English 1101
February 20, 2015
Flossie flopped herself down, nearly falling, onto the rock hard metal fire truck seat sitting along the wall near the wooden shelf where the remaining unwanted toys were strewn about. As she stretched her legs out, she pushed her sore, tired back against the weathered wall and her silk dress caught in several places like splinters. She sluggishly pushed her heels off one by one with the help of her tender, callused toes. Flossie carelessly flipped one shoe across the cluttered room and instead of doing the same with the other shoe, only took a look around and slumped down into the firm seat to further her disposition. She began to rub her sweaty, panty hose covered toes together as if to relieve some of the day’s tension that had built up in her swollen and tired feet. The freezing temperature of the smooth tile relaxed her, but sent a chill down her spine. It quickly reminded her of why she had been so vexed about working the holiday shift in the first place. The once automobile and customer filled streets were now uninhabited. The faint fa-la-la-la-la’s and hallelujah’s no longer lingered on the speakers in the stores, as it was nearly two a.m. The warm scent of cinnamon and distinct pine had vanished, and would not be returning until next year. What remained in the air was the aroma of burnt garlic bread and Italian seasoning from spaghetti that Flossie had warmed up and forgotten in the microwave to eat for dinner over five hours earlier. She could hear her stomach gurgling and rumbling, but did not care enough to get up to eat. She had already missed tucking her three children in bed, and knew that it would take her at least two hours to clean up the store before she could get home. Her husband was surely fast asleep at home, and she figured by the time she went to bed, it would be time to wake up for Christmas morning anyways. Flossie began to survey the store and make a mental list of what needed to be done. She decided to start with the girl’s toys.…