Flow: Mind and Enjoyable Flow Experiences Essay

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Flow is the the state of being that one experiences when he or she becomes completely immersed in a single experience. Everything lives in a constant state of flow, the ones who are aware of it can influence it to flow in a certain direction.There is movement all around us and how we respond to it dictates which way it will flow. When our attention is centered we are able to experience a deeper connection with what is.
Everything that isn't applicible to the certain flow situation is forgotten, one is simply adapting and reacting to it's current perspective of the enviroment. My deepest flow experiences have come when kayaking, playing basketball, and creating other memorable relationships with others. Being able to relate to others after flow activities makes them more real.
Playing basketball has been my go to flow activity as far back as I can remember. My parents were both teachers so I had nearly unlimited access to the gyms. As a young kid full of dreams to be the best, I spent a lot of time finding my flow in those empty gyms. Finding your flow in a gym with no distractions is a powerful experience; a gym that is full of people watching and participating is likely to produce more extreme effects of flow. This has to do with the connectivity of everyones flow in the gym. It's like funneling everyones focus into one flow; if you're able to catch that flow, you'll get a bigger ride.
Where there is consciousness, there is flow. You cannot have one without the other, there is no denying though, that there are different types of each. Enjoyable flow experiences are the ones that we naturally strive to attract into our lives on a daily basis. These enjoyable flow experiences can help one find complete peace of mind while immersed in the experience. Through meditation and getting to know one's self a person can begin to understand what activities are most valuable to them. Understanding what value means to you is a huge step in idenifying what you can do to have a better quality of life. I have entered the field of Outdoor Recreation Leadership because I have determined that the activities that put me into a deepest, most enjoyable flow, are the most rewarding activities; therefore the most valueable to me.
Being a Profesisonal Multi-Day River guide has helped me develop a sense of contentment with wherever I am and whatever is taking place in my immediate surroundings. There is no use to bother your