Fluvoxamine: Social Phobia Essay

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Akshay Varsani
Pr 6 Fluvoxamine Summary In this study The objective was to determine the efficacy of the Vox mean for the treatment of social phobia. Social phobia is characterized by the fear of situations where an individual fears humiliation or embarrassment when under the scrutiny of others. This was an experiment with a 12 week double­blind, randomized, placebo­controlled trial with a large sample size of 92 patients in which for patients were dropped due to failure of returning to testing. Just leaving 42 patients using the flock to mean and 44 patients using the placebo. The study had indicated a much improved or very much improved on the clinical. The highest dose the participants were exposed it was 202 mg of fluvoxamine at a daily dose with an observation carry forward with each individual subject as well as a result he yielded a higher proportion of responders in the fluvoxamine group. In the end of the study for Vox me to prove superior to the placebo on all social phobia ratings week eight beyond. Thus allowing the study to conclude that fluvoxamine is a very ethical drug in the treatment of social phobia. DSM four with used to diagnose patients with social phobia. For credit from investigators and medical centers and do advertisements in local newspapers, participants were only eligible if meeting the DSM­IV criteria for social phobia and having a minimum score of 20 on the brief social phobia scale. The test had concluded in equal or about equal number of males and females to participate in the study