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Organisational Behaviour


Case Analysis

Group Members

Summary of the Facts
Electro Electronics was an electronic research firm established in 1948 and was based in Houston, Texas. Over time, the firm grew into a product area of electronic test instruments and commercial building control systems. Despite these changes, the firm was still involved in contract work. Mr. Fred Codova was the President of the company at this time.
Due to severe traffic problems the implementation of a ‘Flex Time’ system was undertaken per suggestion from the Mayor. This implementation was said to be able to increase productivity along with a higher morale of work. President Cordova assigned the task of designing the plan and writing
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Richard Sasche, which was then disturbed to the heads of departments.

This a process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment.
David Stone perception made the people in the organization referred to him as “nice guy” reason being any task assigned to him he performed.

The process that accounts for an individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal.
John Stone had in mind because he graduate from a well-known, prestigious engineering college and believe that his education and experience made him as competent as Hallora and Volmer and made his not stratified with his salary after over hearing Volmer’s salary and found it discouraging to accomplish his assignments. Also Bill was upset because he and his men would not be included and had plans to quit.

Power and Politics
Power and politics are among the most important concepts in the study of organization behavior. Power has been defined as the ability to influence and control anything that us de value of others.

Organizational Culture
It has been described as the shared values, principles, traditions and ways of doing things that influence the way organizational members act.
The president should have had a meeting with all the heads of the departments on the implementation of the