Fly Ball: It Was A Typical Day In The City

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Fly Ball

It was a typical day in the city. It was slightly foggy and pretty cool outside. We pulled into the valet at hotel we are staying at. “Can I get your bags for you?” said the bellhop. “No,” I said. “I just have a backpack. We’re only here for the night.” “Ok well enjoy your stay and go Giants!” I was wearing a jersey and we were coming up for game one of the NLDS game. The Giants were playing the Reds. Whenever it is postseason in San Francisco the place goes crazy. The city is painted black and orange. I walk over to my dad at the front desk. He is still checking in so I head over to the lounge and sit down. This hotel is nicer than most of the ones I have been to in the city. There are long strings of colored lights hanging from the ceiling, which went up about 6 floors. All the hallways to the rooms overlooked the main lobby. It was a really unique design. My dad headed over and handed me the room key. “Lets just drop our bags off and head out. We have a few hours to kill.” “Sounds good,” I said. We headed up to the room and hung out for a few minutes then left. We headed over to fisherman's wharf to get lunch. There were more people down here than usual. It was also Americas cup and Fleet week, which are two big attractions for the city. We went to lunch at Boudins, a touristy restaurant that serves good clam chowder. “Do you think the Giants are gonna win it tonight,” said my dad. “Ya if Cain doesn't choke again,” I said “This game is going to be all pitching because Cueto hasn't been doing to hot either.” The waiter came over took our order. “What can I get you guys today?” “Ill have the clam chowder,” said my dad. “Same,” I said. “Anything to drink?” said the waiter. “Ill have a Sierra Nevada.” “And I will have a water.” The waiter takes our menus and walks away. A busser comes and brings us our drinks. The restaurant was really busy. The wait for a table was long but we just went strait to the bar seating and got lucky. The waiter came over not too long after we got our drinks and brought our food. We dug in immediately. It was the perfect temperature. Little words were exchanged after we got our food. We engulfed the chowder and headed back to the hotel. I walked out in the street and waved down a cab pretty easily. We both hopped in the back. “Where are you guys headed to,” said the cab driver “Marriott Marquis on Mission St,” said my Dad “Alright,” said the cab driver. We took off. Cab drivers are shitty drivers. I always feel like we’re going to get in a crash. We get back to the hotel and chill for a while before the game. After we both shower and get ready we head out to dinner.

We meet up with a few of my dad clients at a local tequila bar. “What’s this place called again?” said my dad. “Tres Agaves,” said Rob “Its a local tequila bar that we come to before all the games,” said Michael. A waitress comes over double fisting two pitchers of margaritas and brings us all glasses. My dad gave me the head-nod and I poured my self one. It was a strong drink. Is was all house made tequila and tasted pretty good. After we finished up our drinks and tacos we headed to the game. It was a short walk. The streets were filled with people completely decked out in black and orange. You can tell by how close you are just by the number of fans. We cruised to the club level entrance which had no line and walked right in. The club level is nice. It is all carpet and has good restaurants and bars in it. We headed to our seats which look right down third base line; just to the right of home-plate. “Shit these are the best seats in the house,” said Michael. “Damn near, you can see pretty much everything,” said Rob “How much do they charge you for a beer here,” said Dean. “8 bucks,” said my dad “Thats damn near robbery.” They all headed up to get beers while I stayed in the seats. I love the atmosphere of a ball park, especially Giants stadium.