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Kim Opsima
Professor Hewitt
FN 50 12:30 a.m.
12 November 2012
Article Reports #1
1. Title: Incidental Finding of Vitamin-D Deficient Rickets in an Otherwise Healthy Infant (2005):1170-3
2. Author: Alouf, Benjamin; Grigalonis, Meg. They are credible. They are Pediatrics in Thomas Jefferson University.
3. Brief Summary of Article:
Case reports of infantile vitamin-D-deficient rickets secondary to maternal vitamin-D deficiency have been reported but focused on mothers who had predictable risk factors for such a deficiency.
An infant who was known to not have an unhealthily record and whose mother did not have nutritional or any risk factors was reported to have rickets.
The mother of the child did not supply more history about some deficiencies, which made them not aware of the child’s situation.
4. Validity of Information:
a. Specific examples:
“The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all breastfed and nonbreastfed infants receiving less than 500 ml per day of vitamin-D-fortified formula or milk be supplemented daily with 200 IU of vitamin D.” -Kleinman RE, ed. Pediatric Nutrition Handbook, 5th ed. American Academy of Pediatrics; 2004:347.
“The concept of "congenital rickets" is well recognized, and several reports have come out describing rachitic infants born to mothers with vitamin-D deficiency. These reports include mothers who were malnourished, dark-skinned, and had little sunlight exposure, renal failure or malabsorptive enteropathy.” Moncrieff M, Fadahunsi TO. Congenital Rickets