FOB Car Ads Essay

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Bre Eldridge
Professor Bowlin
Foundations of Business

The first Ad I chose is for a new Honda Odyssey van. I would say the target market is moms with larger families. Also, it could be targeting the typical soccer mom or sport involved family. Some of the reasons I believe it is for larger families is because some of the features is lists in the ad is the split widescreen rear entertainment system. The interior it names is leather which fits perfectly for moms with younger children. The material is easier to clean up messes. I do not think the marketers would benefit any if they changed their target market. The target market is pretty on point. The next ad is a new BMW. The slogan of this ad is “Joy was born for the left lane” and by this I think they are meaning this vehicle is built for speed. I think this car is for people with higher demographics, maybe like the typical high paid business man. All I can picture is a well-dressed business man driving this vehicle. The car is built for speed as mentioned in the ad it can go from 0-60 mph in five seconds. The target market for sure is higher class people who may have a career where one is always rushed or pushed for time. The third ad is for an Audi flat and I think this vehicle is targeting the upper class as well. It is targeted to people who like speed and cruising. The ad clearly shows the vehicle is made for speed because the scenery around it is blurred. Once again, I think this vehicle is targeted to the male business man. I am not sure who else this vehicle would be targeted to; although, I could see the typical stay at home mom whos husband makes all the money for the family. This vehicle would most likely be targeted to the bigger