Focus: Bottled Water and Essay Topic Outline

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Task 2. * ‘…you need to outline the relevant issues and principles and critically argue a position on one of the following topics: * Topic 1: Australians spend more than half a billion dollars on bottled water each year according to the University of Wollongong. Do we need to drink bottled water in Australia or overseas? What are the environmental and economic effects of drinking bottled water in Australia? * We only need to drink bottled water in countries that need it
After choosing your essay topic outline:
The position after choosing your essay topic outline: 1. The position you will argue in your essay Basically Australia has the ability to only use tap water, there for they do not need to drink bottled water in Australia or overseas.

2. The key arguments you will use to support your position * Australia has access to running natural water/ water from the tap * Produces a huge amount of garbage * Not sustainable – great use of energy * Transport – plastic * Pollution

3. A general description of how you will your approach to the essay including possible sources and evidence you will need to support your position.
Outline the relevant issues and principles
Critically argue a position for topic 1.
First of all I will gather information
Setting up main points which I believe is the most relevant for the essay
Then I will see the story from both sides.
Look at reasons for why they are doing what they do.
Do they see it as a product, or do not need it at all. Will watch some documentaries, thirst, maybe.

* Outline: account of; general report; main features * Critically argue a position: take a stance on an issue; present strengths and weaknesses; examine and evaluate evidence thoroughly; * Principles: rule of law; guiding conduct; requirements and obligations * Issues: matters of dispute; consequences; point in question;
There is a controversy –…