Foehn: Mobile Phone and James Passingham Essay

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Foehn was founded in 2000 by James Passingham who is the Technical Director at the moment. The company is an expert in networking and its solutions often involve IP and VOIP communications.
Our Name
The name comes from a German word (Föhn) and is a type of wind that occurs in mountainous regions.
What's special about this wind is that it brings about a significant and positive change to an area's climate. The impact of Foehn winds can be high pressure, high temperatures and clear blue skies within hours. James thought that 'Foehn' suited the vision he had for his new company and how it should operate.
When T-Mobile needed technical assistance to support its growing customer base, James Passingham seized the opportunity and set-up an IT professional services company with expert IP skills at the heart of its offering.
Foehn's similar phonetic sound to the word 'phone' is no accident as the company's first project played a large part in the origins of its name. Working closely with T-mobile's technology partner Ericsson, James was always hearing the Swedish pronounciation of this everyday communication object - central to much of Foehn's core activity. When he found out the meaning of this word (in German) this made his decision.

VoIP Systems: Voice over Internet Protocol
Technology that allows voice to be carried over internet connections or other networks (which are not designed specifically to carry voice) using Internet Protocols (IP). Although comparatively inexpensive, this method (as yet) does not provide real full-duplex communications. It is because, unlike regular (circuit switched) phone networks, IP (packet switched) networks break the voice signals into chunks (packets) that arrive at the destination through different routes and at different intervals for reassembly in the correct order by the receiving device. This process often results in discernible gaps in the flow of a conversation. Also called internet telephone, IP telephony.
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