Folly Beach Poem Analysis

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“Listen to the soothing melody of a child’s laugh
And hear the innocence within the notes
Allowing us to drift away for a brief moment
From the hatred and evil that surrounds us”
Unit 2 is in my opinion where I learned the most about writing not only stories but simple paragraphs or even text messages. It gave me a clearer understand of how to, when to, and where to simplify, expand and create. Meaning that a story cannot just be composed of metaphors, hyperboles, ironies, simplified paragraphs and morales. It is how and where each technique is used that truly makes the difference between a moving story and a stale one. Being a canticle, imagery and metaphors are the predominant tools used to create this poem.
III. Folly Beach
The title “Folly Beach” is a play on words with the “Trolly” problem, a short tale about a teenager that is faced with an ultimatum none of
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Right before the situation escalates to the gunshot and possibly the death of the student he intervenes and yells..”

IV. Film Review
An in depth analysis and review of Tom Ford’s newest masterpiece, Nocturnal Animals. One of the most brilliant tales about revenge that Hollywood has seen in 2016, three storylines combined together all dissected in this review from the colour correction to shot selection. I’ve chosen this one because my creative flow was at its peak while I was completing it. Although it may feel like a lot and some parts could have been deleted to make for a clearer and more formatted assignment.
“Despite Ford being fairly new to the complex art form that is cinematography, he does a great job of putting his own twist and uses colours in a meaningful manner. As for the camerawork, the way shots seamlessly change from the fictional world of Tony to Susan’s living nightmare as the sky falls right in front of her