Fonwood Early Childhood Center Case Study

Words: 2004
Pages: 9

Fonwood early elementary childhood center is located at 10719 Seneca St, Houston, TX 77016. It is early childhood center covering students from Pre-K to Kindergarten. Fonwood EEC is a one story building with one main entry. It has staff parking located on the right of the building. The staff parking is locked facility. The school is locked facility and is only accessed by the school staff. Upon entrance to the school, admission was the first office, that was observed on the left of the building. Fonwood EEC has one school nurse, Ms. W and her clinic is located by the library on the left side of the hallway. The school appeared to be well maintained with adequate spacing for classes and cafeteria. The clinic is well maintained and clean with two beds and one restroom. It also consisted of separate office space for the nurse. There …show more content…
One of the roles where the nurse played a role of an advocate for the child is as follows: A teacher brought one of the student in the nurse office because the student kept crying and complained of cold. The nurse took the temperature of the student and noted that it was 100.4. Sooner the nurse asked the student if she had fever at home, but student was bilingual and didn’t understand what the nurse was asking. The Nurse with her limited Spanish ask the student about her temperature and the student nodded “NO”. The nurse called the staff to help her with translation so that student mother could be notified. The nurse told the mother about the increase in temperature and to avoid sending the student to school for 24 hours.
A caregiver is defined as a person who gives help and protection to someone. (Merriam Webster Dictionary). The role of caregiver was play a principal role as caregiver, there are the first one to provide primary care to the needs of individuals. A role of caregiver was observed when school nurse Ms. W, provided medication to the student every morning that are diagnosed with ADHD and