Food and Australian Food Industry Essay

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There are 4 sectors in the Australian Food Industry, these sectors are also referred to as factors of the Agri-food chain. The sectors of the Australian Food Industry are: * Agriculture and Fisheries * Food Manufacturing and Processing * Food Retail * Food Services and Catering
Agriculture and Fisheries – agriculture is the cultivation of land to produce crop and/or animals. For example farming corn crop and farming cattle. Fisheries, involve the cultivation of cold blooded and aquatic species (animals and plants), usually for commercial or scientific use. For example salmon or seaweed farming.
Food Manufacturing and Processing – this sector is where raw materials and processed. This is the value adding sector. A value added food is one which is processed to increase their selling price. For example wheat manufactured into flour or bread.
Food Retail – involves the selling of foods at all levels. The manner in which food is sold various hugely depending the distribution channels and foods sold. For example food can be sold at the supermarket, speciality stores (i.e. butcher), theatres, transport terminals and service stations.
Food Services and Catering – this sector encompasses all accepts of commercial food production and service (the hospitality industry). For example catering organisations, foods served in hospitals or prisons, take away outlets and restaurants.
Each sector within the Australian Food Industry is independent; however these…