Food and Price Tags Essay

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Thrift Shop Observation
On Friday January 24, I visited both Et. Cetera shops in downtown Norman. My first stop was the store on State Street. Immediately upon entering the store, I was greeted by Dr. Simpson. She welcomed me and another student with a friendly smile and was very pleasant. The place then felt opened and inviting. She offered to take us to the Main Street store. Immediately I heard contemporary up beat Christian music that was very nice and I found myself engaging in singing as well. The store was nicely lit and there were some ceiling fans that were on –medium speed. Children were playing on the floor and a man sitting at the front door what appeared to be a bench waiting while his significant other shop. I had no intention of purchasing anything because I was there only observe the facility. With the warm welcoming and the music playing I found myself wanting to purchase something even if I did not need anything. I continued to looked around and departments assorted clothing items. I saw one rack on the right side of wedding attire near the window. What I did notice there were no clothing, crafts or miscellaneous items on the floor. I entered the room labeled shoes at the doorway and seen outdoor wear including leather coats and outerwear. There were numerous price tags with an array and assortment of colors ranging from red to pink and yellow attached to the item of sale with plastic fasteners. As I shop around, I saw the fabric mostly discounted with yellow tags. I love what-knots and seen patterns near the fabric and a lot of house wares, incomplete china piece, and games and children safety items. I fell in love with floral arrangement and swags and purchased two items. My classmate purchased a bag hanging on a wall for one dollar. Prior to checking out I saw a large window prior to entering the room where I came in and a fire door labeled employees only. The large window I assume was a window in which staff and volunteers can observe shoppers but the shoppers of unaware of their presence. I saw the kitchen area with a volunteer just had entered that room. The last thing that I notice was a showcase if what was supposed to be valuables, a lot of it was a Christmas figurine and I did not notice any price tags on those items. I paid for my items with a thank you from Dr. Simpson. She smiled and thanked us for coming in and my classmate and I went to main street Store. The surroundings and the outside of the building were new. I parked in front of the store. I entered the Main Street store and the place was well lit inside. No music was playing and no one greeted us. Behind the counter were two female employees or volunteers. On my left upon entering the doorway was old Southern living magazines were tied up in bundles and a table with half price items on it. I was out of cappuccino, so I purchases a package of English toffee marked $5.79. I immediately looked to the right and saw a table of pink items. I thought at first glance it was Christmas items. As I began to think about the next holiday, I realized it was an assortment of Valentine Day stuff. Moving right alone I saw two-three shelves of Christmas items/ décor and they all were priced with red tags on them. I assume since Christmas was over they would be on sale. The next array of items was neatly arranged on the floor were baby items: strollers, mattresses, car seats and other necessities. I continued to walk down the aisles and came upon sheets and curtains neatly displayed on roundtables on hangers with assorted price tags on them. On the back wall was a small section of Christmas and floral swags with pink and red price tags attached. I passed in front of the ladies talking, they ceased talking when I passed in front of them and I greeted them. I saw a microwave on the counter and I noticed my classmate face was enlightened. He was excited about it and another customer walked up to me smiling and stated