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American Museum of Natural History

The popular American Museum of Natural History located on eighty-sixth street in New York City contains an exhibit entitled “ Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature and Culture.” Opening on November 17th, 2012, the six-month old exhibit, Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature and Culture, is a very popular exhibit will close down on August 11th, 2013. Just like most days of the week, attending the American Museum of Natural History on May 1st, 2013 at 5pm one can experience a great deal of people. Moms with their four-year old daughters and various groups of teenagers in high school working on assignments roamed around the well-known museum. Not only are New Yorkers are seen at this wonderful museum, but also many tourists speaking their native tongue are found staring at great artwork. The exhibits in the museum attract many of the people whom attend the museum at all time and Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature and Culture is not an exception. The exhibit Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature and Culture display the human nutrition from past and present or “fork to farm”(American Museum of Natural History). The sections found in the food exhibit include trading and transporting, growing, cooking, eating, tasting, and the future of food. Guests attending the exhibit are given snacks or samples as they roam the displays showcasing foods from all over the world. The exhibit is also filled with images, artifacts and virtual kitchens. At the future of foods section, mists allow one to indulge in chocolate without actually eating or tasting chocolate. We can actually also learn how to cook, virtually of course, at the cooking station. Also, the exhibit displays interesting foods such as a cube watermelon grown in Japan. Last but definitely not least is the Eat section, which includes food from different time periods. Imagine literally dining with the Romans. At the Eat section, one can experience what dining with the first emperor of Rome, Augustus and his wife would have been like. One can also literally visualize