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Food Banks Canada
The organization I chosen was Food Banks Canada. Its official website is:
Background of the company
Food Banks Canada, which was established in 1989, is one charitable corporation, which is dedicated to erase hunger by providing food to the public across Canada. Until now, under the struggle of meeting the needs of food in the short term, Food Banks Canada becomes the only national food donation corporation in Canada. And for the long term, Food Banks Canada hopes to through its endeavor to seek a solution to resolve the shortage of food supply.

The reason why I want to select Food Banks Canada’s website
As far as I known, Canadian have the habit of donation. There are at least 85,000 charitable institutions in Canada. It’s one of the most benevolent countries. And after I came to Canada, I am always resorting to Food Banks Canada to donate.
Food Banks Canada is the only national food donation corporation in Canada. People can find Food Banks Canada’s donation boxes or spots in supermarket or other places. Food Banks Canada enjoyed high popularity in Canada.
Food Banks Canada’s website is easy to find. You just need input ”food donation” or “food bank” through “googol” or “yahoo”, and you could find its website on the first page.
The main color of Food Banks Canada’s website is orange, which stands for happiness, encouragement and enthusiasm. People would feel comfortable from it website design.
Food Banks Canada’s website provides various kinds of information, much of it is public knowledge, news and statistics about anger. There is no pushing feeling on people to donate.
Food Banks Canada’s website provides other relevant or collaborated companies, you could search their information easily. Such as twitter, Youtube and facebook.
Food Banks Canada’s website also provides some programs for donator. Such as capacity building fund, community kitchen fund and feeding families.
Two languages: English and French.
Objectives achieved through using Internet
Introducing public information and severe food shortage condition first, arousing people’s pity and charity.
Providing various kinds of programs, giving people more choices, which covers eight kinds of programs.
Easy to find, you could through twitter, Youtube and facebook to log in.
You could share your pictures, videos, donation behaviors or recommend your friends directly through Food Banks Canada’s website or other social network websites.
Providing three news release channels, there are partners in news, videos and media and brand resources.
On line download information, such as reports and news.
Giving company sponsors or donators spaces to propaganda their brands and build their positive images and reputations. Such as Wal-Mart, Kraft and Purolator.
You should register to login. This will protect your personal information. Once you became the member, you could save