Food Born Illness Essay

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Working Through a Food-Borne Illness
Alvine Discharge Diseases

Alvine Discharge Diseases
What key activities and important facts tie each of the individual cases together? Some key facts that tie both cases together are that typhoid was spread by some form of contaminated food by a person (milk, food, water, seafood). In the case of Typhoid Mary, it was spread by her handling the food improperly. She was a carrier, and thus when she did not use good sanitary food preparation skills (like washing of hands), she passed the typhoid along to others. In the second case in Schenectady, New York, water did not seem to play a part in the spread of typhoid. So in both of these cases, the key fats that tie them together is the way
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Nano testing and Turbex-TF is also available too- it is ready in 10 minutes. It would have helped the church picnic investigation by allowing giving more accurate diagnosis of typhoid. It would have told them who was infected before the picnic and who infected during it. Testing would have been faster, and more accurate. They could have pin pointed the sours (s).

Potato salad Macaroni salad Cabbage salad Summer salad Spiced Ham Baked Beans Rolls Cakes Coffee Pickles
Ill -10 Ill-9 Ill- 2 Ill-5 Ill-5 Ill-4 Ill-11 Ill-9 Ill-9 Ill- 4
Well 17 Well-6 Well- 7 Well - 3 Well-3 Well-12 Well 16 Well-10 Well-16 Well-6
27 Total-15 Total-9 Total 8 Total-8 Total-16 Total27 Total
19 Total-25 Total-10
Attack Rate
62.9 Attack Rate
60 Attack Rate
22 Attack Rate
62.5 Attack Rate
62.5 Attack Rate
25 Attack Rate
40.7 Attack Rate
47 Attack rate-
36 Attack rate

Compute the attack rates for those eating and those not eating each food and the unknowns. Calculate a relative risk for each food. Include data for all 35 individuals.

Attack Rate Potato Salad 38.4 R.R 1.5 Macaroni Salad AR 60 RR 4.22 Cabbage Salad AR 22.2 RR 51.8 Summer Sausage AR 55.5 RR 1.66 Ham AR 62.5 RR 1.87 Baked Beans AR 57.14 RR 1.54 Rolls AR 40.7 RR 1.54 Cakes AR 47.36 RR 1.54 Coffee AR 36 RR 70 pickles AR 40 RR 1.10
From the array of foods provided, list those which you think would