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3A1New Alibaba CEO Jonathan Lu pushes Chinese e-commerce firm to adapt
Alibaba面對新競爭,online shoopers migrate to smartphones, 推進中國e-commerce去尋找acquisition and take advantage of its vast user database.
Challenging: adapting Alibaba’s operations as transactions and other online activities move to smartphones. Business were separate in personal-computer era, such as e-comerce, entertainment and social media, all come together in the mobile age.
Alibaba acquired stakes in Chinese mapping0softwre frim and Twitter-like microblog business-----boost number of users at Alibaba’s sites and give the company more data to crunch
Mr.Lu played down the significance of a potential public offering on Alibaba’s business.
3A2 Barnes& Noble CEO resigns after tablet losses
Barnes & Noble想進入tablet hardware business
William Lynch as CEO, 之前專注于emerging digital books business and building a family of dedicated Nook digital devices including color tablets.
E-books成功,hardware business掙扎中,不能與蘋果amazon三星競爭,所以決定停止製作tablets或者尋找製造商
Nook business,微軟會買Nook business嗎?

3A3 Retailers Descend on Mexico
各大retailers進駐Mexico, new entries have contributed to weaker sales growth in recent months at the country’s largest retailer, Walmart Mexico
Challenge: 60% stolen, smuggled or counterfeilt garments acquired in street market.
Mexico is a huge aspirational market, the removal of import tariffs for apparel may well be the single most-important retail event in the country,more expensive than clothing in US.
It is easier to recruit major international brands
Sign of success: Mexican apparel makers are scrambling to adapt to the changing tariffs, appealing to existing and new stores to stock at least 30% Mexican-made clothes.
3A4 HSN enjoys a mobile-shopping rebirth in the digital Era
越來越多人come to HSN through mobile phones
QVC and HSN’s shows
Recruited new hosts and designers, including celebrity,model,assembled a leadership team which focus women make up, spent money on new infrastructure, technology and websites.
1. Face steep competition from other retailers in sales via phones and tablets including walmart, target, rival qvc. 2. Executing plan and attracting more customers in a challenge market
Solution: Investment new infrastructure, data services and improvement to its web and mobile applications.
Curates its merchandise so customers don't have to click through hundreds of web pages.
3A5 The Twinkie Returns, with less baggage
50 million Twinkies making their way to stores, 一家有83年歷史的老品牌cream-fiiled spinge之前欠債1.3billion。
新老闆決定plan新策略focused on innovation, efficiency and getting more twinkies in more places.
員工迴歸,之前的distribution system有6000司機有工資有pension benefits.
1. 現在採用第三方司機分配產品去retailers’ warehouse to enable to big expansion reaching dollar store, club stores, drug stores and vending machines.
2. Workforce isn’t unionized and moving to automate and improve the capacity of the plants, eliminating products that sold poorly or were only sold regionally.
3. New Hostess is planning to have 1800 workers when it is fully staffed in the next couple of months
4. Nixed approximately 600 outlet stores that Hostess used to operate, where soon-to be-sale products were sold at a discount.
5. Invested in making some of…