Food Comparison Essay

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One characteristic that makes each country more remarkable is food. There are similarities and differences in the cuisine of each country. The food makes the cultures of the world more diverse. Now, I’m living in the U.S and tasting American food every day. I realize something about food between my country, Vietnam and America that are interesting.
Both Vietnam and America use many kinds of flavors to cook a meal. For example, in each Vietnamese meal, we often use salt, oil and pepper. To make dishes more tasty, oil is necessary flavor which is added to the food. For example, in pho which is a famous food in Vietnam, we can see oil float in the bowl and soup is salty. We also eat pho with pepper. Similarly, American ingredient also has the same kind of flavor. Many foods in the U.S are salty and little spicy too. I have tried hotdogs, hamburgers and fried potato. I can feel salty on my tongue. Three of these foods are eaten with hot sauce. These kinds of flavors are similar between the food in Vietnam and America.
On the other hand, there are also differences in the food between these two countries. One of the differences is the amount of time for preparing a meal. In the U.S, almost all the ingredients to cook are completed in the supermarkets and are put in the fridges. People just go to these places, buy them in a short time. In the U.S, they have many modern equipment such as stove, microwave, oven to help you cook easily and quickly. They just spent about 2 or 3 or less to prepare their meals. In Vietnam, the way to cook is really different. . There are not many