Food Desert Research Paper

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Food deserts are urban as well as rural areas where a quality amount of adequate nutritional food is hard to come by. In many instances, people may live within a few blocks of fast food restaurants, but in order to get to a grocery store they may have to travel many miles. The people who live within these food deserts are often considered low income and are ethnically minorities. This research project is a qualitative exploratory study that analyses the relationship between people living in low income food desert communities with their lack of nutritionally affordable food options. One of the goals of the research project was to discover how the population living in these low income communities feels about their opportunities to
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The social work profession has paid little attention to this area of concern. Food deserts are made up of primary low income level populations, which is a major area of social work practice. It is important that the social work profession researches this topic more in depth and become more knowledgeable on how food deserts affect their clients. ii FOOD DESERT
I would like to acknowledge those who have supported me throughout this clinical research process. First, I would like to thank my research professor
Catherine Marrs Fuchsel, for guiding and supporting me, even when I was on the verge of breaking down. He expertise on the area of research really allowed me to become focused and entrenched in my paper. Second, I would like to thank my two research committee members, Laura Senst and Andy Bennett. The feedback they provided gave me the ability to look at my research though a different perspective, which in the end I believe allowed me to make my project even better. Finally, I would like to thank my family, for putting up with my ups and downs this past year. They have always believed in me and pushed me to become a better person. My family is the reason I am the person I am