Food Deserts And Food Injustice

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All across America, the problem of food deserts and food injustice plagues poor African American neighborhoods, which in return causes health complications. Black low income communities struggle to acquire nutritious foods due to the lack of supply and immense prices. Comparatively, wealthier white communities can conveniently access healthy foods, exemplifying the systematic oppression of blacks in our land of the free. Inhabitants of these neighborhoods are almost isolated from alimental foods and are basically forced to know no alternative other than eating exclusively unhealthy. In addition to these problems, the same corporate food chains that enable this issue to occur prey on the same people they poison. While some oppose solutions to this problem, there are actions that can be taken to aid those affected by this epidemic. …show more content…
This may be true for some; however, for those living in food deserts, healthy eating is not an option. A food desert is a neighborhood, typically low-income, that lacks accessibility to supermarkets or grocery stores that offer alimental food options. “The US Department of Agriculture considers a census tract to be a food desert if it is low income (poverty rate greater than or equal to 20% or median family income at 80% or lower of the area median family income) and at least one-third of tract residents live more than 1 mile away (or 10 miles away in the case of rural areas) from a supermarket or large grocery store” (Block). Those living in food deserts, despite what some might assume, cannot purchase healthy food because there isn’t any nearby and or because they cannot afford