Essay about Food Digestion

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Task 2
Keisha Hardy
April 25, 2013

B. Liver
G. Stomach H. Pancreas D. Large Intestine A. Mouth C. Gall bladder

The digestive system starts at the mouth in the mouth the food is chewed into smaller bits to make it easier for swallowing and digestion. Also the month contains the tongue which helps to mix the chewed food with saliva to make it easier to follow so the beginnings of digestion start here. From there the food enters the stomach. The stomach can contain up to four liters of food at one time but when empty folds into itself. The stomach acts as a storage tank for food for a time and also starts the beginning of food break down. The food basically tosses the food around to break it down into smaller bits made for easier digestion also the process of chemical breakdown of proteins start in the stomach. The stomach also contains acids that help jump start enzymes that are necessary for the body. The large intestine works in the digestion process by drying out indigestible food and processing it into feces that will be released from the body through the anus. The liver the one of the bodies’ most important organs in the digestive aspect it is a low player with its main function being the creation of bile. Bile is a yellow-to-green, watery solution containing bile salts, bile pigments (chiefly bilirubin, a breakdown product of hemoglobin), cholesterol, phospholipids, and a variety of electrolytes. Of these components, only the bile salts