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Essence Campbell
English 100
February 19, 2013
It’s Just Life

The average American will walk directly in to grocery stores, and food places not reading labels to see what’s actually in their food. They are unaware of the unhealthy chemicals that are actually put into the food products. Government policies are limiting what farmers can plant and how to plant. Corporate marketing influences the way Americans eat. Both commercials and infomercials make their food look appealing so that is persuades consumers to go out and purchase their items.

In the last several decades, the economics of the food system have changed dramatically. Millions of farms have folded as government policy has encouraged larger, more intensive farm operations, such as the factory farm model for producing meat, eggs and dairy. A handful of corporations producers of seeds, processors of meat and milk, and grocery retailers now dominate most aspects of the food system, giving them great power to control markets and pricing, and enabling them to influence food and agricultural regulations. The largest of these agribusinesses are practically monopolies, controlling what consumers get to eat, what they pay for groceries and what prices farmers receive for their crops and livestock.

Over the past century, this system has move whole plant foods away from the center of the plate, replacing them with a highly processed, animal product centered diet rich in salt, sugar, fat, and chemical additives. With these adding’s they have be really bad for not only Americans but for the earth. Do to these chemicals in peoples body it can cause diet-related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
The influence of media is growing stronger and stronger as time passes. Because of this, the competition among producers and advertisers gets tougher as they try to come up with new ways to catch Americans attention through their commercials and infomercials. Indeed commercials can influence the way people purchase food. This is because commercial tend to draw Americans attention by making the product of food look appealing. For an example how McDonalds burgers are fully stacked and juicy on the commercial but in reality when you get it its nothing compared to what you’ve witnessed on the commercial. They want you to think that so that is draw your attention and makes you want to go out and purchase these items. As for infomercials are kind of different. This 30 informer is usually trying to get Americans the buy a product more so pointed towards weight loss. Weight watchers, which is directed to If Americans analyze fully and look at things in a bigger picture, the media is largely responsible for inculcating the minds of people with false notions and how food is really prepared and how it really appears to be.