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1. At the grocery store the canned fruit was the cheapest and the fresh fruit such as the blueberries were on sale 2 for $5.00 and the bag of frozen blueberries was more expensive since it wasn’t on sale.

2. I know fresh orange juice taste the best compared to the imitation orange drink and reconstituted frozen orange juice but fresh orange juice is the most expensive and frozen orange juice is the cheaper.

3. The classification of fruits and best time to purchase, but some of these fruits can be sold in the grocery store all year.
• Berry- Avocado( Oct- Jan) , cranberries, bananas , pomegranate, currant ( January –April)
• Citrus –Orange, Tangerine and Kumquats,(summer )May – July
• Drupes- Apricots, nectarines and Plums (January – march )
• Pomes- apples , pears, quince (February –July )
• Grapes-Thompson seedless grapes (January – ,May )

4. Osmotic pressure can be controlled by adding more water in the pot then there is in the apple , this will cause the apple to become mushy , if you add more sugar to the pan then what is in the apple the water in the apple will move outside the cell to make equilibrium .

5. The problem with naturally occurring vitamin C is that it breaks down easily. This is why food manufacturers have decided to add vitamin C back into fruits using ascorbic acid.

1. Fire safety- cotton cloth wet with 40% Ethyl Alcohol and 60% water

A- When the dollar bill was set on fire! The flame was blue and didn’t last long. But the Dollar bill did not burn.
B- I observed that the Dollar Bill did not burn…