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Food in philippines Our group presentation is about Philippines and the topic I am going to talk about is food. The diet of the Philippines is higher in total fat sutured fat, and cholesterol. One of the most interesting things I learn is that like to eat a lot and some of their food is much similar to Latinos food. Rice is the main part on a dish if rice is not serve they not considered a meal. Rice is cook plain steamed rice. They accompany their rice with chicken, pork, beef, and fish. Seafood is very popular because they are surrounded with water so is very common to them to eat seafood. They usually eat their fish salted or pan fried. They usually accompanied their meal with various dipping sauces, like vinegar. Some popular dishes they eat is Lechon is a whole roasted pig, longganisa is a Philippine sausage, torta is an omelet of egg this are some of the most popular. They use adobo a lot not only because is simple to prepared, but also because it doesn’t get spoiled to be stored for days usually it gets better flavor. Tinapa is a smoke cured fish, sun dried is also, like the adobo it doesn’t get spoiled ether it can last weeks without refrigeration.

Philippines they eat traditionally like us eat tree time a day they have breakfast, lunch and dinner, but usually they use to eat meriendas during the day too. A traditional breakfast may include small bread rolls, white cheese, champorado, garlic fried rice that is usually done with left overs of rice, and meat like tapa, longganisa, tocino. In some parts of Philippines they sit on the floor around. They do not eat with chopsticks they usually use forks knives and spoon, but the traditionally way of eating is with their hands. Especially dried dishes, known in days they use utensils more, but in Philippines restaurants they let you eat with your hands. Especially in some local cusines food are served in bananas leaves.Philippines like’s parties some of the food are serve in parties are Lechon roast pig. The Lenchon is used as a center…