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Food Inc.
24 September 2013 The food production industry has changed greatly within the past many years. Some may believe that it has been a benefit to our society, while others may disagree and say that it has been a downfall for our country. Every person is entitled to their own opinion, however, with the issue of food production there is safety precautions that need to be taken or the world could turn into one giant disease. During the horticulture, trees would be cut down and then nitrogen would be put into the soil making it naturally better for the environment for up to two years. This process was time consuming but in return it was very healthy and natural compared to the industrialized way of doing it now. The industrialized agriculture is all based upon speed and quantity. The more product being produced in very little time it what the industry is aiming for. This has caused the industry to make critical changes to the way things are done. This is of course not as safe or healthy for the environment and people and animals living within it. Food now comes from animals who are genetically modified to grow bigger with a larger amount of meat in a very short amount of time. The most common and abundant at the moment is chicken farms. These chickens are placed in the dark 24 hours a day 7 days a week until they are ready to be slaughtered. There breasts grow bigger and at such a fast pace that the bones cannot even hold them up. When the chickens walk, their legs literally break. Meat that comes from cows that circulate the grocery stores all originate from thirteen slaughter houses across the United States. If one cow becomes infected with a disease, it is very likely that almost all of the slaughter houses will become infected as well. Americans do not seem to care about this though because the food is much cheaper and seems as if it comes in larger quantities. As a culture we have lost many things. First off, we have lost our morals towards animals. We as humans need to remember that animals are functioning things too. And yes even though we do need them and it is all part of the food chain, we need to remember that they need to be treated well before slaughtered. They need to be placed in the proper living environments when growing up so that they may not contract diseases. Also the most important thing is that they need to be grown up naturally. Injecting all kinds of hormones into their…