Food Inc Documentary

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Food Inc is a documentary based on the United States methodology of producing, preparing, and handling consumables. Robert Kenner produced and released Food Inc, in 2008 which was based off of the book Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser. Robert Kenner has produced many films for National Geographic, and PBS. This film is in the form of a documentary with facts, interviews, as well as video camera footage. In the documentary, every minute shown strays further and further away from the fake reality advertising companies portray the food industry to be. Food in adversisiting is portrayed to be fresh and made on the spot. The footage provided by Food Inc shows the truth about food which is a huge assembly line, manufactured to be bigger and better tasting, as well as better looking. This film was directed toward a general audience or the public in the United States who have an interest in what they are eating. Food Inc shows the other side of our agricultural systems and food industry that is very negative. Farmers are manipulated to grow a certain amount of crops per season and are …show more content…
I believe the film is very effective in appeal to pathos with the clips that are shown. One farmer for Perdue by the name of Carole Morison raises chickens. She is one of the few that comes forward to be interviewed for Food Inc. In the film she talks about being restricted by the contract with Perdue. The chickens are not allowed to grow properly and put in a dim condensed room. The chickens grow so big so quick that their bones are not able to support their weight. Many chickens can only walk a few steps before having to sit back down again. This is very sad for the animals Perdue is demanding to be produced. The company calls for more expensive up to date farming equipment often that loses her money. This is only one of the many farmers that are being oppressed in the United States not including the