Food Inc Essay

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During the documentary Food,Inc, the farmer Joel Salatin said, “If we put glass walls on all the mega-processing facilities; we would have a different food system in our country.” What Joel Salatin means by this is if there was a greater amount of transparency within our food system we would have a different food system in our country in terms of how our food is mass produced, what’s in our food, how farmers are treated, and how workers are treated. However, the lack of transparency in our food system has resulted in numerous problems with the processing of food in our country.
When you observe how our food is mass produced, there are numerous things that corporations and the government don’t want you to see. For example, look at how chickens
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For instance, look at how the cows are butchered in meatpacking plants. They’re butchered at such fast rates that manure gets into the cow’s meat. This results in a cluster of meat that contains manure resulting in consumers to be infected with 0757:H7.
There has also been an influx of mistreatment being bestowed upon our farmers by the larger corporations. Farmers are economically bound to the large meatpacking companies because the large meatpacking companies completely control how the farmers run their company.
The workers are also heavily mistreated by the large meatpacking companies. The workers for the large meatpacking companies are poorly represented and endure horrible working conditions. Working in a meatpacking company is one of the most dangerous jobs in America and they pay low wages. Workers have been seriously injured, suffering from injuries that result in missing fingers or limbs and are still expected to work. A lot of the workers have even died in result of the dangerous working conditions they’ve had to endure at meatpacking