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Food Inc. Review
After you see the unsanitary habitats cattle are in, the horrible way Tyson treats the chickens, and the way our farmers are cutting corners and are basically being forced to work. You seriously may not pick up a fork for days after watching! I advise you to stop eating and stuff your face BEFORE watching the stunning, HEART- WRENCHING, stomach-turning documentary by Robert Kenner called Food Inc. You will be amazed at how blind and helpless we are as a people when it comes to the food we eat every day… well every 20 minutes if you are like me. The documentary starts us off in the aisles of grocery stores, but very quickly shifts to the slaughterhouses and seeds that make a large portion of our foods. This is when the film very strongly establishes its side and position in this argument. Talking about how these multinational corporations have monopolized the food market. The four main meatpackers Tyson, Cargill, JBS, and National Beef control 80% of the beef market! Also how they have cut production costs in order to really bring in major profits regardless of the side effects of their “optimization of production”. An example of this “optimization of production” is how they have cut the time it takes for a chicken to grow from a few months to now just 49 days. These chickens cannot walk because their legs and internal organs are not fully developed and cannot handle the weight. We learn that farmers are basically forced to overproduce corn, which goes into , coke , diapers, sweet & low , Motrin , and cattle feed just to name a few. Just in case you may not know cattle does not naturally feed on corn. Cows are built and have always eaten grass until now. A researcher with his hand literally inside of a cow’s stomach tells us that cows that eat only corn produce a very deadly form of E. coli. A very horrific virus that killed one of this documentary’s most touching subjects little 2 –year old Kevin Kowalyck. The act