Food Inc Reflection

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Health is a very important and huge part of all of our lives. Before this class, I knew about health and I knew the concerns regarding health, but I did not know how truly in-depth that health was. When I thought about health, I thought about eating right. Now I know that health extends from mental to sexual health and all areas in between. I believe that through the duration of this course, I learned a lot about health and I know to be more careful in every aspect of my health. Firstly, I believe that watching the food documentary, Food Inc., combined with the health lecture made me realize that I needed to watch what I eat and to try and eat more organic things. I eat out a lot because of college anyway, but now that I know the horrifying …show more content…
I usually use Bath and Body Works for body wash when I shower, and I knew there were a lot of chemicals in it, but I kind of chose to ignore that because it smelled really nice. After hearing about how much organic products benefit your body, I thought about trying some organic soap. I thought it would not smell good, but when I went to Santa’s Workshop the other day, I stopped by to check it out. It sells for about five to six dollars a bar, whereas Bath and Body Works costs around thirteen dollars for a simple body wash. I ended up purchasing a citrus bar of goat milk soap and it feels amazing! My body actually feels clean and it also helps with acne, which is amazing. Lastly, I will make more informed choices in the future in every aspect of my life regarding my life. This course has impacted me in the way that I think about it every time I go into the supermarket to get groceries. If anything, it makes me think twice about my health decisions. I am more conscious about wearing sunscreen and about my food decisions because I know how much my health will affect my quality of life as a whole. I want to have a good and long life, and I believe that this course will help me to do that. To conclude, this health course has benefited me overall in many different ways. From thinking more carefully about my food choices to making more healthy choices mentally, physically, and environmentally,