Food Inc. Review Essay

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Summer Baker
English Honors
Period 5
Food, Inc Review

The documentary “Food, Inc.” was directed by Emmy Award-winning Robert Kenner in 2008. Robert used this film as an opportunity to inform Americans what they are really eating and how it was made. The film argued that the way in which the animals were treated was wrong and that no one should eat their products. Organic foods from farms that respected the animals were mentioned and praised. Large corporations that denied to be interviewed in the film were said to have fed their animals corn not grass or hay. This film was made to tell the readers what their meat and daily consumed foods were made out of and it they want to continue eating them. In this film many opinions were discussed. It briefly covered how respectful farmers strongly loathe how corporations treat their livestock; feed them corn, crowded together, live in their own waste. The opinions of the corporation farmer(s) were mainly focused on regret, and self-disgust. They were basically upset with themselves because of their low pay, they couldn’t do anything for their animals, and they were so far in debt. They were slaves of the companies. Companies like Monsanto, Tyson, and Smithfield companies left out their opinions because they denied to be interviewed. This documentary is very effective because it reveals a lot of information not known to the public. The information in the film shocked me because I didn’t know how horribly the animals in farms and processing factory are being treated. I had no idea that the animals were being fattened by corn and not grass and it seriously shocked me. The animal abuse was so awful that I didn’t want to watch anymore, this proves that the significant message Robert Kenner wanted to send was successfully received to his viewers. Like many other people, my view on the way I think about food and where it comes from has vastly transformed because of this film. I now think about becoming a vegetarian because maybe if there are more vegetarians in the United States then hopefully the larger companies will decrease the amount of