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When I first began researching MSU-CHM, I found a school that provides a truly comprehensive medical education and is at the forefront of innovation and optimization of medical education, serving to better train and prepare future physicians to be successful in our ever-changing health care system. Through the integrated block curriculum I will be fully immersed in the necessary educational components, enabling me to become a well-rounded physician, deeply grounded in analytical and leadership skills, medical humanities, and behavioral sciences, allowing me to participate in health care and medicine to my full potential both inside and outside of work. Another exciting aspect that interested me is the early clinical exposure and the longitudinal, patient-centered experience during the preclinical years. Through this opportunity I will be able to revisit the interests I developed during my shadowing and work experiences in Montana, that being continuity of care and the development of a trusting physician-patient relationship.
Though the numerous aspects of the curriculum made MSU-CHM an obvious choice, ultimately it was my fit with the schools mission and the fact that it reverberates my own mission and goals that I seek to exude as a practicing physician. Though I am not a Michigan resident, I was born and raised in rural Montana and understand the demands of rural life and medicine. My prior experiences provided first-hand exposure and a greater understanding of the medical issues and disparities that these rural and underserved communities face and the impact continuity and strong relationships have on reducing these problems. This exposure has been a source of inspiration for me to become physician that will strive to increase health care accessibility and reduce the common health disparities found in many rural and underserved communities, and I believe MSU-CHM will nurture these aspirations to the fullest extent. Moreover, I applied for an opportunity to participate in the Rural Physician Program, which will provide additional opportunities to further pursue these ambitions, bringing me one step closer to caring and serving communities similar to those of my youth.

When I visited MSU-CHM during my interview last month, my prior notions were confirmed and I quickly realized that I was correct…MSU-CHM and I are a perfect fit. Every aspect of the program was exciting, from the exceptional interview day to the faculty’s commitment to the success of each student. I could tell that MSU-CHM is remarkably student oriented, and in talking with current students, many spoke of the ways the faculty and staff strives to make sure each student succeeds. Not only did the school, students, faculty and staff impress me; I fell in love with Grand Rapids.
During my stay in Grand Rapids, I was able to spend a few days exploring the city. Grand Rapids is a humble, family and community centered city. I love the big city appeal but small town feel, especially the unique restaurants and shops around downtown. As an active town, I believe that my new healthy lifestyle will benefit from living here. If given the chance to attend, as a medical student I will become part of the fabric of this city and I will strive to become a role model for this community. 

As a nontraditional student with a unique upbringing and experiences, I will bring distinctive ideas and perspective that will serve to add further diversity to my class. My numerous work experiences both inside and outside health care have allowed me to develop an eclectic skill set. As a result, I am able to express my views effectively, think on my feet, and work as part of a cohesive team. Furthermore, the time I spent in research and patient care has given me an extensive view of many aspects of medicine. If admitted to MSU-CHM, I will promote the overall academic environment by carrying these views and experiences with me. 

I am confident that I will make an