Food Products By Michael Pollan Analysis

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Under current age, eating becomes a more important problem. The advanced technology makes food production faster and many new food that we haven’t seen before appears on the shelves of supermarkets. Michael Pollan brings up the problem of eating healthily under the world of industrial manufacturing. He argues that for the health purpose, we should eat real food, not food product by manufacturing industrial. However, I will challenge Pollan’s view by arguing that food products are not always unhealthy and thus we don’t need to avoid them. I will argue for the positive side for the question “do we need to avoid food product?” and show that the food product is safe to shop.
Firstly I will describe the term “food product”, which might be unfamiliar
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Pollan sets rules of eating and suggests us to avoid unpronounceable and long-name ingredients and avoid food that grandma couldn’t recognize. One reason is that these ingredients “have been highly processed to the point where they may no longer be what they purport to be” (Pollan 12). Another rule is to “avoid food products that make health claim” (Pollan 15). The reason is that Pollan thinks the statement of FDA on the health label is ambiguous and the qualified health claim on the label of food product is “an official FDA euphemism of ‘all but meaningless’” (Pollan 15). Pollan sets these rules and tries to persuade people to avoid food product because he thinks the healthiness of food products are …show more content…
It’s an undeniable fact that mental situation is an inseparable component of health, so a better mental situation will definitely improve the health. Eating tasty food products, like nuggets and chips, will bring a positive influence, like relief and joy, to mental situation because people are born with a preference to tasty food because “Natural selection predisposed us to the taste of sugar and fat” (Pollan 106). McCorkle’s experience is an example to show how food products bring us mental relief and joy. McCorkle is addicted to fast food and she continues eating food products for years. In her article, she describes her perfect day of eating to be full of food products and I can feel her joy of eating food products. From real experience, many people like McCorkle keep eating food products because they feel pleased and less stressful when eat tasty things. Consuming food product can bring people pleasure and thus it is helpful to improve mental situation and good for