Food Rule Essay

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Food Rules has many ideas to be able to maintain a healthy life in our decision about food. Michael Pollan demonstrates how tradition over the years has being affected.
In Food Rules, Michael Pollan helps us answer the question “What should I eat” there are many reasons he gave us to understand our bad habits, and our healthy diet. One reason will be the Western Diet, it has being an extremely impact over what food is produced, and why is so bad about it. There is a lot of sugar, salt, fat in every food we eat, but is never included vegetables or any kind of fruit. This type of diet has cause bad diseases to some people who live in a big population. Some of the diseases that are dangerous are obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular
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I will stop when I’m full and not eat too much at a point. However some of the benefits that the books suggest are, that by eating less there is moderation in my body. Eating much more what our body needs, to be healthy is the weight. On the other hand some of the changes that I will use the best could be, to start eating fewer amounts in the day. Another way is by eating three times a day in a small portion. I will eat small amount, even if I’m hungry. First for breakfast I will only eat cereal, or egg with vegetables broccoli, carrots and tomatoes. Second for lunch, I will prepare some salads, and drink concentrated juice for example orange juice, and apple juice. Last for dinner I will choose to eat a soup or a salad, although I will stop if I get too full. As a result these benefits of this rule are that I will have more chances to eat if I only eat in a small portion. For instance I will lose weight, and most important my body will have more balance eating healthy food.
While I choose my three rules from Food Rules, I realized how my life could be so much easier if I followed them the right way. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn the healthiest food to eat. In many rules of the book it illustrates how food have so many chemical added it, and what is the best techniques to change our bad habits. Most important I understood that I don’t have a healthy diet, nevertheless I don’t have a regular meal. As a result