Food Security Issue Analysis Paper

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The reporting party (RP) stated on Monday November 2 and Wednesday November 4 he was at the facility for a working interview. The RP stated while present in the facility he observed owner/administrator Marie Aseysinghe yell and threaten two residents Richard and Michael (last name not provided). According to the RP Richard was standing in the hall and Marie demanded he return to his room. When Richard refused she began yelling "get out, get out this is my house and I can do whatever I want, if you don't get back in your room." The RP stated the resident appeared defeated and resigned himself to his room. The RP stated the residents are not allowed any time outside their rooms other than meals. The RP stated Richard and Michael have not television or any activities available. …show more content…
The RP stated it appears that their nails are at least 2 inches long. Additionally both men are not shaved or well groomed. The RP stated the facility smell odorous and is unkempt. The RP stated the own/administrator places dirty diapers in a bucket with no trash bag and uses the bucket for each resident. She (administrator) was observed handling dirty diapers and food without washing her hands. The RP stated there is little food available for the residents and the food available is prepared in a way to save money (flour and water for pancakes) no eggs or meat. The RP stated it appeared the administrator was more concern about saving money that caring for the residents. When asked about adding eggs to the pancake batter he was told the not to add anything to the batter. According to the RP the pancake was not a prepared pancake mix. The RP stated he turned on a light and was told to turn it off that she (administrator) could not afford to turn on the lights. The RP asked about trash bags for the dirty diapers and was told to put them in the bucket and take them outside to a large trash filled with soiled