Food: Shandong and Excellent Seafood Dishes Essay

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China is very famous for its food in the world .In the north of China, people eat a lot of noodles and dumplings. In the south of China, people usually eat rice and sedafood.Chinese food is good in color,flavour and taste.

1.Each person has two bowls in front of them (one for rice and one for soup.
2.Also,a pair of chopsticks and a plate for meats and vegetables.
3.The Chinese will never pick up rice from the bowl.
4.They place towards their lips then use the chopsticks to put it in thir mouths.
5.Also,the Chinese always eat the soup or tea during or after the meal.

China covers a large territory 'teritəri and has many nationalities.So there are many kinds of Chinese food with different but fantastic and mouthwatering 'maʊθ'wɔːtərɪŋ flavor .Since China’s local dishes have their own typical characteristics. Shangdong cuisine ,clear ,pure and not greasy is characterized by its emphasis on aroma ə'rəumə freshness crispness and tenderness.Shallot and garlic are usually used to make the dish tased pungent.

Prepared with a wide variety of materials.For example ,Jiaodong dishes are mainly made of aquatic (ə'kwætɪk) products due to its proximity (prɒk'sɪmɪtɪ) to the Yellow Sea.People in Jinan like to prepare cuisine with mountain delicacies and seafood delights,melons,fruits,vegetables and peppers.

A pure, strong and mellow taste ,rather than a mixed taste.Chefs are good at using onions and seasonings.'(si:zniŋz)

Shandong Cuisine(kwɪ'ziːn )is known for its…