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Becoming a
Registered Childminder in Calderdale
A Step by
Step Guide



What is an Ofsted Registered Childminder


What Support Does Calderdale Council Offer?


The Pathway to Registration


Steps to Registration


Managing and Marketing Your Childminding Business


A Day in the Life of a Childminder


Frequently Asked Questions

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Appendix 1 – Food Standards Agency Information

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Childminder Pre-Registration Support Package Terms & Conditions


Safeguarding Clearance


Health Declaration


Contact Details


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What is an Ofsted Registered Childminder?

Childminders work in their own home caring for other people’s children and giving them plenty of play and learning opportunities. The Childcare Act 2006 defines a childminder as:
“A person who is registered to look after one or more children to whom they are not related on domestic premises for reward.”
If you look after at least one child aged under eight for more than two hours in any one day in your home and for reward, you must become a Registered Childminder. Childminders may work with no more than two other childminders or assistants. Childminders are registered and inspected by Ofsted.
Ofsted is the national body is responsible for registering and inspecting premises where children and young people are looked after and also to ensure that those who look after children and young people are suitable for the role. Ofsted checks that childminders and other providers of childcare are offering a good quality service and striving to improve outcomes for children.
Ofsted regularly inspects childcare providers and publishes their findings in a report. The report is then made available to families online. You can find out more about Ofsted and how they register and inspect childminders at
Parents need reliable childcare arrangements that will last. You should only consider becoming a childminder if you can commit yourself to providing a reliable service over a reasonable period of time.
Looking after people’s children is a position of great trust.

What Support Does Calderdale Council Offer?

The Early Years and Childcare Team offers general support through the registration process and this continues once a childminder becomes registered.
The Quality Improvement and Support Team (QISO) deliver the pre-registration training package (see pages 5 and 6) and offer a series of home visits to support you through the registration process in developing your home learning environment, appropriate policies and procedures and with advice, support and guidance in meeting all relevant legislative requirements. More information about this support will be provided throughout the course.
Once you are registered the QISO team continue to offer support for up to a year afterwards in helping you develop your business and quality practice, working towards your first Ofsted inspection. They also offer specialist services such as quality assurance through the Calderdale Children Come First
Childminding Network and facilitate childminder support groups and drop in sessions. Further training and development is available through the Workforce Development Team and your assigned QISO will assist you in identifying appropriate development routes for you.
Support is also available at your local Children’s Centre. Visit for more information.

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The Pathway to Registration

ABend Informa6on Session 1 • Return Health Declara6on and Safeguarding Clearance forms to the Local Authority ABend Informa6on Session 2 • Return the signed terms and condi6ons, a course applica6on