Food: Student and Aviation Maintenance Technician Essay

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Student: Ali Alazzawi
Professor: Liz Aguilar
English 1301.179
Date: 09/13/2013 Topic# 1 P. Carlo Cacciabue Æ Carlo Mauri Æ Douglas Owen Received: 2 December 2002 / Accepted: 16 July 2003 / Published online: 13 September 2003 “The development of a model and simulation of an aviation maintenance technician task performance”

In this article, Carol is showing the tasks, duties, and behaviors of being an aviation maintenance technician (AMT) in the real world environment. As you read through this article you will see how important, and dangerous in the same time working as an aviation technician; the reason why this types of job is important because is related to a transportation method the most of the people in the whole world are using it, and that what makes it dangerous since it will cost the loss of human’s life if it’s not working proper. The author in the article topic above wasn’t so specific about the actual duties that an aviation technician must do in order to complete the daily task. Furthermore, Carol talked about a new development of a new system called (computer simulation), this new system supposed to assist the technician to analyze some basic miss function and errors that occurs on the daily basis. Carol didn’t talk about the benefit and the experience that the technician will get for being in an aviation maintenance program.

Topic# 2

“How To Buy Used Cars”. Money Today, 09743715, Jun2013
Business Source Complete

Buying a car these days can be very difficult. Today there is big variety of cars that attracts you, and makes you wanting to spend your money on purchasing used car. In the article, the author talked about an important tips and procedures that anyone must follows in order to purchase a used car, one of the most important things to check before buying a used car is the car’s title because without this document you can’t transfer the car to your name, and you won’t be able to drive it, or even sale it which is the author didn’t talk about in this article. The author also forgot to write some other important steps such as scammers, fraud, and roll back odometer devices. These devices can change the mileage of the car’s odometer , and the reason why some people do that is to increases the value of the car, you can’t identified whether the car odometer is original, or rolled back unless you check the papers, and title of the car. I believe that the article was helpful, but not fully equipped with all the information that the buyer needs to buy a used car.

Topic# 3

“Language Adjustment of International Students in the USA Social Network Analysis on the Effects of Language Resources, Language Norm and Technology”
Qiu, Wei, ProQuest LLC, Ph.D. Dissertation, Michigan State University. 141 pp.

In the article above, the author chose a good topic to write about which interest me as international student. Qiu conducted a study on eighty one…