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Food tech assignment
Food trends
1. Research current food trends. List the food trends (at least 5 current food trends that have not been discussed in class) state why each is considered a food trend
Yakitori- Yakitori is a treatment, also known as “grilled chicken” (The chicken is usually grilled on charcoal, and a small skewer is put through it, it is very similar to a chicken satay in many ways.) it spices up those boring BBQs. It is especially popular in Japan, but is also popular in China. Yakitori is considered a street food. It uses the Chicken skin, thighs, wings, gizzards, hearts and the like smoked over charcoal. Things on sticks, we love them, everybody loves them especially for catering platters. Yakitori is particularly considered as a food trend because of the Asian street food styling incorporated into it, that not only attracts people due to its appealing sight but also for the convenient way of consumption that can be served anywhere.
Vegetables being the hero of the plate – we have moved into an age where vegetables are now considered the hero of the plate and meat is the supporting act. Today vegetables is no longer considered just a piece of plant but the worth in nutrition of these vegetables have been realised pushing it into a highly recognised food trend in Australia. Vegetables are no longer just cooked in the stationary way of a stew or fry but is now introduced in with various techniques and sauces which make it highly positive both health wise and the vision of it. They are being indulged with various sauces and flavours to compliment the taste that they already contain. The focus is being put back on what has long been an afterthought. Respect to sides and cracking vegetable dishes that make it the hero of the plate will be a theme of 2015. This way it is not only promoting healthy eating but provides the public with a delightful dish.
Fermented foods- With the increasing numbers of people with allergies, conditions, discomforts and other syndromes people have opened up to the idea of fermented foods in order for it to help them with these problems. Fermented foods have been inching into the spotlight lately as more and more consumers learn about their inherent probiotic health benefits. Fermented foods provide good bacteria that the gastrointestinal (GI) tract needs to usurp the not-so-beneficial bacteria. Studies suggest that probiotics can help treat everything from diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome to more serious conditions such as heart attack and hypertension. Products such as Yakult and yogurts such as active have been highly recognised for their supportive benefits therefore being widely accepted and consumed within the public.
Turning savoury to sweet- this is a major food trend happening lately as people try to experiment flavours by turning the common savouries to sweet. Examples are caramelised popcorn, honey and soy chicken, sweet and sour pork and cinnamon spiced lamb. People want to experience new flavours therefore they swap the savouries to sweet. This change in flavour has been endorsed to show the new innovations being made and to give a new type of product for consumers that is both trendy and delicious, something that the public will like.
Indigenous native ingredients- Australians are getting more Australian in the way they eat, looking ever closer to home for a real taste of their sunburnt country. Cue wild plants such as iron-rich warrigal greens that Indigenous Australians have known and enjoyed for centuries, now at a farmers’ market near you. Wallaby and kangaroo have been the hit proteins at Australian-themed dinners.
Go with the grain- As part of the trend of becoming more health aware, Australians are embracing grains: quinoa, freekeh, chia seeds, amaranth, wild rice and burghul, for example. They are seen all over the country in restaurants, salad bars, cafes and home pantries as awareness of our health grows. Some are seen as “superfoods” with serious…